Panic ~ Manage it or Move Beyond It

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  1. The PDR says that benzoids should not be taken more then 8 weeks. For what reason do doctors in the US think they should put us on them for life and torture our geriatric community?
    I wish the Internest Dr that I met about 23 years ago and told me that all my physical ailments were psychosymatic would have been able to help me then me going to Dr’s and getting more and more meds. Oh, the pain!!!

    • Unfortunately unawareness and small thinking cause so much damage. Even doctors are human and they don’t know what they don’t know. Most just treat symptoms not the whole human being. This has to change and I do believe it is beginning however there is so much to undo as to how our medical system works that it will take a while and it requires that we educate our self. We have to be responsible for our self as far as our health and always be in a preventative frame of mind. Remember, emergencies are one thing and most everything else we need to become empowered in our life around unless we want to continue to be a victim in life……

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