I have had many great experiences but for time sake I will give my sugar testimony.  When I started my sessions I would eat a bag of sugar in the raw every few days.  I loved the stuff. I would eat that and not food. I shared this with Linda. She was nonjudgemental and worked her magic.  My sugar in the raw intake went from a half a bag a day to not wanting any sweets at all. That was amazing and mind blowing! I was shocked, I did nothing but open my mind to new possibilites.  I, to this day, have not touched the stuff. Whatever was making me eat the sugar has been destroyed. The pounds and inches have started to melt away almost effortlessly.  I highly recommend this program.
-LW, citrus heights
I received services from Linda Lee for weight loss. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to lose weight naturally without a rigorous diet and exercise program. I was not on any kind of diet, but I found myself making better choices everyday about what I put into my body. I found myself feeling energized after every visit to Linda and confident that losing weight was totally in my control and it did not have to be a difficult or scary thing. I learned that to successfully lose weight I needed to start with my way of thinking first. Linda was totally understanding and supportive and I felt like I had a personal confidant for whatever my needs were. This is a fabulous program!
- TV, Pollock Pines
When I started my weight loss sessions I was a wreck. I was in the process of divorcing, obese, without mental and physical energy and depressed.  I was not sure if I believed in the Wisdom Center Technology. It did not take long for me to become a firm believer in something I still can't explain fully.  I can say it has helped me heal, transformed my energy levels and even got me on the road to healthier eating. I am much happier and enjoying life. The Life Attunment CD is wonderful, it really works.  Latonia W. Customer Service

When I was 8 months pregnant with my second son I was feeling some anxiety because my physician kept telling me my baby was going to be very large and that the baby would possibly be breach. I heard about Linda Lee with Healing Therapies. At first I was skeptical but thought I would try her technique. After one session I was hooked! I never felt so relaxed and at ease. My labor and delivery process was about as smooth as it could be and I was able to use techniques to help relax through my labor.  I still use this technique now with my newborn and find myself at peace whenever I use it.
-TL, Pollock Pines