Living Your Life With Integrity

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clip_image002[4]What do you do with disappointment?  Disappointment is the act or an instance of disappointing, the state, feeling or emotion of being disappointed, someone or something that disappoints, a disappointing person or thing, or the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one's hopes or expectations.  Feelings of being letdown, frustration  or disillusionment.  It doesn’t even feel good to see what this is let a lone feel it, it’s just an uncomfortable prospect and more so if you are experiencing it in your life.


I think we have to at first recognize the feelings and emotions around the disappointing situation or person, after all we are human and it gives us a moment or two to reflect on a possible solution.  Giving yourself a little space around the situation may help you to see things differently or least be able to come up with a solution that won’t be damaging.  Maybe it’s time to turn the issue over to your heart to review.  When we turn to our inner power of love and reflect on the values that  we want to bring to situation, it could effect the outcome in a healthy way.  It is a way we can practice acceptance of others.  This is not always easy however it’s a form of forgiveness.  When we turn inside and know that we are always doing our best, we have to accept the fact that others  are doing theirs as well and we can let go of the charge around the situation easier.

I don’t know  about you yet I do know we’ve all experienced our share of disappointment in life in one form or another.  Something that makes it easier for me is to look at it is for the feedback it may have for me.  Doesn’t change the challenge, just the response. 


If we all learn to live our life from a place of integrity the incidents of disappointment will be fewer because we’ll live or life from a more loving place. This is my wish for us all, a more loving and cooperative way of living.

With Peace and Love,

Linda Lee


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Be Impeccable……


clip_image002     I have been so affected by the book by don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements.  I’ve literally felt the weight of the world lifted off of my shoulders practicing these four principles and I pass them on to clients, family and friends whenever possible.  All of the agreements are important however. I wanted to convey my thoughts about the first one, BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD.

Think about what this might mean to you just read on the surface, maybe never having read the book.  Webster’s on-line definition states simply in part; free from fault or blame; flawless.  According to the Four Agreements, it means to speak with integrity, say only what you mean (mean what you say), avoid using your word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others and use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love. 


I believe when we come from this place of being impeccable we can really make some breakthroughs in our personal growth and also improve the quality of our relationships.  We will  know longer have to worry about what someone may or may not be saying about us.  Being impeccable allows us to work on clearing up old stuff by paying close attention to the power of our  words.  We are rarely taught not to speak of our self unkindly, many of us beat our self up over anything and everything, this is not being impeccable with our self. 

We need to at last shine our light on the world in a way that honors who we are which will literally make this world a better place because of who we are.  When we learn to speak of ourselves in a  more loving, honoring way, we will have less trouble recognizing those things in others.

Live honorably, impeccably and with integrity; your life will change in amazing ways……

Linda Lee   clip_image002[13]

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Living Life as the Lotus Lives

Greetings and Happy September!

Many people don’t know the symbolism of the Lotus Flower and I didn’t either for many years.  I believe knowledge grows with our awareness or maybe as we grow into our awareness our knowledge grows, either way the process can be exciting if we choose it to be.  So to define the symbolism; the lotus flower represents fortune in Buddhism. It grows in muddy water rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment.  The colors have different symbolism as well such as white represents purity of mind and spirit; red is compassion and love, blue is common sense and uses wisdom and logic to create enlightenment; pink represents the history and legends of Buddha; purple speaks of spirituality and mysticism and gold represents all achievements of enlightenment.


We’re born into this world pure and innocent.  Most times unfortunately, we are not taught to love our self or to have a deep self respect, healthy boundaries, to feel worthy or deserving, we’re often taught to give our power over to authority that does not have our best interest at heart, we’re not  taught honor or integrity.  Many times we  may be told of these things yet the deeper meanings of these values may or may not ever come to conscious awareness fully or usually only in degrees. 

It is up to us to explore these values as adults to discover the deeper meanings with child like innocence.  Remember when  you were five or six and you trusted the process of life with great imagination.  You could envision being a cowboy or Indian with the best fort or a princess making all your dreams come true with  the wave of a wand.  We didn’t question, we were in complete acceptance of the NOW, no worries, no cares our arms wide open to the future. 

Living in the now as adults is where true  peace of mind lies and is the number one definition of wealth!  Eckert Tolle does a simple exercise in his book ‘The Power of Now’; close your  eyes for a moment, in this moment can you think of anything that is not right in your life?  The answer is no if you are just thinking in the  moment.

Loving oneself does not include ego, it is living with a deep respect, honor, integrity, healthy boundaries, standing in one’s personal power responsibly knowing you are worthy and deserving of all the gifts we are meant to have.   It is our birthright to be healthy on all levels of the mind, body emotions and higher centers of awareness.  We are not meant to suffer in any way, only to learn lessons and move on. 

We were born with free will, are you ready to push through the mud and murk to  find a new way of thinking and being?  To  embrace all you are meant to be?  It is your choice, remember not choosing is a choice as well. 


If you are ready to transform your life, clear away what is  no longer serving you, open to the potential you know is there and just can’t figure out what is holding you back,  call now.  We can help at Healing Therapies.  You deserve  to live life the way you want to and achieve all you desire. 

In Light,

Linda Lee


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