Meditation ~ What’s the Big Deal?

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Keeping your Vibe High!


clip_image002[6]That appears easy right???    Some of us may fly high for a time and depending on our wing strength we may find our self dipping up and down here and there yet maintaining our elevation energetically.  Maybe we can bounce   back easily for a time and then Whomp!  something comes out of the blue you thought you had under control and bam, your  down.  Such is life  I suppose, the ups and downs that is.  I believe as we become more resilient and become very sure of the fact that it  is our choice to give our power away to a person, emotion or situation we will weather life in a kinder gentler way and the downs will no longer last as long as they did in the past. 

This is good news!  We all know life  happens, the shock comes when we think we’ve moved past a situation, emotion or person and find our self in dealing with the same thing again and we then begin to question who we are.  That is the time we may feel unauthentic with our self and maybe all the work up until that point was wasted.  Take heart…..  The work you’ve done is never wasted.  Life is full of challenges and life seems to put in your face predicaments that allow you to begin to see your life more clearly and where more work is needed.  If it’s a continual situation and it’s not changing and you are unable to see or take action in a way that it can change, it could be time to remove yourself from it.  Same with people.  Sometimes there is just nothing that can be done except to remove yourself. This is realizing your self respect and love for yourself, just as if you had a child that was in a harmful situation you as a responsible parent would remove them from that right?  As a mature adult, we are our own parent so beware of negative thoughts and beliefs from a  less than perfect childhood that no longer serve you.  The only person we can change is our self, no one else and banging our head against the  proverbial wall is only a waste of energy.  


So how to change? 

***Surround yourself with positive supportive people.  If they are not there in that capacity, helping with solutions not adding to problems or negativity they may not be the right people for you and you may have to allow them on their way. 

***Never lose sight of your dreams!  They may change shape or form a bit however if you stay focused on the love and curiosity  of your journey you will not be led astray.  Stay alert and grateful to the universe for giving you time you would never have allowed yourself to become creative or think in new ways around your adventure we call life!

***Know that everything passes, prepare when times are up and happy for your back up plan.  It’s good to feel your feelings, after all that is what we’re here to experience, and then let it go to avoid getting stuck  in it affecting our health and well-being long  term.

***Remember we are connected to a Higher Source that is loving and forgiving.  The more separated we feel from All That Is, the more difficulty we have healing and moving out of whatever is holding us back.

***As my dear mother always said ‘Count your Blessings!’  If you are in gratitude you cannot stay in a space of unhappiness for long.  No two feelings can occupy the same space at the same time so choose wisely…. 


We are amazing beings and I have always felt so honored to live during these times of change even amidst the challenges we all face from time to time.  Remember you are special and have a reason for being on this planet at this time and nurture and love yourself as you would your beloved child.   You are deserving and worthy of all that there is that you can imagine.  Keeping our vibe high allows us to be in that space of creation and love.  Keep your  wings strong and resilient and know they will help you soar through and around more and more with less and less of the dips.  So Fly High with love, beauty and grace and know everything happens for a purpose and that purpose is to serve you in all you are here to learn and do…….


In Grace and Peace,

Linda Lee

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clip_image002[8]    How many of us just seem to be upset all of the  time about whatever is going on?  Are you finding it more important to be right? or to be happy?  There’s a lot to be said with going with the  flow having feelings of generosity, openness and acceptance realizing you are not the only one with needs, wants desires, challenges, insecurities or even fear of the unknown. Buddha says ‘Holding onto anger is like drinking poison expecting the other person to die’. When we allow anger to take over because we have to be right it is hurting the one holding the anger much more than who it’s directed at.  Anger  affects our health, how we relate in the world  to ourselves and those around us. It’s time to choose to let go what is hurting us and choose another way to be.  Let it go, Choose Happiness…….


Til We Meet Again….

Linda Lee

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Getting Clear……

Greetings My Dear Friends!

578950_435757273151133_569308501_n[1] What does getting clear mean to you?  Do you think  in terms of getting clear in your mind and thoughts?  Do you think sometimes that the way you think may be blocking you in some way?  My philosophy is, for myself and the work I do, that I must continue to grow and learn so I can be the  best I can be serving others and helping them to grow in a way that they reach their highest purpose in their life.  So that is what I do consciously and consistently so in this venue you will hear much about that growth and I do hope it assists you in your journey as well.

So I thought I’d ask some questions and also give a few  thoughts today.  Do you control your thoughts or do they control you?  I am examining myself on deeper and deeper levels all the time weeding out the old stuff and allowing my true desires to take hold in my life.  When I was young I asked myself three big questions, I think I was about eleven.  The first was, what causes disease (cancer specifically),what would prevent disease and an obscure thought process that has come into its current incarnation with the deep inner mind work I do.  That question was, these questions are deep, scary and all I could see was darkness having never been in this terrain in my mind before, and I had a moment of fear.  My next thought was, wait a minute, this is my mind why should I be fearful?  That was pretty much that for a few more years. 


The point is that this journey of getting clear has to do with relearning the not so great things we may have learned growing up either from family, society, friends and so on.  The journey has to do with going into the abyss and shining a big bright light on how we react or respond in life.  We come into this life innocent, trusting, loving; we learn fear, anger, judgment, blame, un-forgiveness and above all, limitation.  How are these things working for you?  I thought I had done plenty of forgiving as I no longer felt a charge over certain issues or people.  However, when I looked closer I had just merely chosen to not think of it, in essence burying it so I couldn’t feel or think about it.  When this occurs it is still running us via old programming.  You could be making life long decisions because of just a few words your mother or father may have said when you were three that has driven your entire life! 

How many of us actually fear asking the deeper questions of our self?  Until we gain control of our thoughts and respond versus react we will continue to run the old programming of which we may not even remember where it came from.  There is science now that says even back as  far as when we were in the womb to age seven, we are sponges, we soak in everything around  us, we do not have the capacity to discern.  Think about it for a minute.   Do you react in ways you don’t understand and wonder why you are not reaching goals or accomplishing what you desire in life?  If we are still making decisions based on our two year old  mind, let’s snap out of it!!  It no longer serves you to pout, stomp your  feet (or someone else!), blame, yell, display  greed or feel small a, victimized and more.  When we release our victimization and take responsibility for all of our actions and thoughts it is liberating!  When you know you’re in charge of your destiny  it is the most  empowering feeling you can imagine.


Don’t be afraid, go into the depths of your mind, question where the thoughts you have come from.  Explore and be courageous you never know where it will take you.  It is all for you and a wonderful adventure it is!

In Light,

Linda Lee

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