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Panic ~ Manage it or Move Beyond It

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Is this the Secret?





I have always  wondered what the secret is to tapping into the magical flow of the universe.  I have always believed that it must be something simple and why couldn’t I see it.  Webster’s New World Dictionary says that Faith is an  unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence, complete trust, confidence, reliance and loyalty to these beliefs and principles.  Could this common principle be the secret in becoming prosperous, attaining optimal health, achieving higher levels of awareness and more?

In Wallace Wattles book The Science of Getting Rich when speaking in terms of health says that ‘if a person thinks with faith of the functioning of health, he will cause his internal functions to be performed in a healthy manner, provided that he (or she) performs the external  functions in a corresponding manner’.  I had a client this week that stated that in the realm of her business that she just knows and expects business will come and it does,  there is no question in this area of her life yet has challenges in manifesting her desires in others.  Interestingly enough many of us believe and have faith in some areas of  our life not realizing that  if we implement those same principles where we are successful to those areas that are not that we could manifest success in all areas of our life!  Just believe and it will be!!


Many who are not particularly religious or spiritual practice faith yet may not call it that yet still have amazing results in their life because the principle works!  Just their belief that they are happy, prosperous, healthy, possess what they desire and more makes it so because they are confident and claim the results of this way of thinking and believing.

I work with many who live in deep fear manifesting in anxiety, depression, worry, sleeplessness and  so much more.  I work with my clients giving them tools to help them learn to trust their future, let  go of the past and live in the moment.  I now see this as faith because if we can learn to trust the process of life we only have to be confident and believe that our needs are met and always will be, our health will not fail us, we are prosperous; and moreover that we can create the life we desire just by having a deep belief (faith) and taking right actions to achieve what it is we desire. 


What a revelation to have discovered this clarity.  It really was something so simple that  it was easily overlooked, easy to do like so many things in life.  When we combine the principle of faith with gratitude we have a powerful combination to manifest what we dream and open to so much more.  I am deeply grateful that all of the answers we need are always hidden in plain sight if we just take the time to see.

In Health and Prosperity,

Linda Lee

Healing Therapies

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