You are the center of the universe!

This is not ego based, this comes from a place of responsibility and accountability for this gift of life. You have the ability to create your life if you choose to.

- When we understand the power of our thoughts we can change anything

- A new look at our responsibility in creating our health.

- Affects of our thoughts and beliefs on our health.


Going from Panic to Peace in 60 days or less

How we can detox from panic, claim control of our life, recognize the fears that paralyze us, tame our stress, clean up the past and what life can be beyond Panic.....

- Awareness is key

- Reasons to forgive

- Looking fear in the eye


Ignite your potential in 7 easy steps

7 steps in creating all you desire in life, whether it's career, relationships, money, health, abundance or whatever you desire, you can!

- Getting out of your own way for success

- What is the law of attraction

- Purpose of meditation


Discovering Your Purpose 

Why is it important to have direction in your life, we are all hear for a reason. Purpose does not have to be as big as saving the world, it could be something perceived as smaller or even short term. Whatever it is, It's Important!!

- Ways to discover your purpose

- Are beliefs limiting what is possible

- Say goodbye to regret