Linda’s Book! The Power and Light That is You!

BOOK COVER REVISED SMALL SIZE  Linda has studied all of her life and worked on self development and personal growth.  In this work Linda has put together what she feels are some missing links. She struggled with the Law of Attraction and what was missing in all she had read and implemented.  She knew it had to be so simple that it was over looked.  In this work she reveals a few of the missing links she discovered.  This is an easy, quick read and simple to understand yet may not be not be easy to implement.  Her purpose in writing this was to expand and maybe even push the boundaries of your thinking a bit because if we never question our beliefs how do we know they are really ours and not someone else's that we've merely adopted.  Enjoy.....

“This beautiful book is an inspiring guide that will help you remember your true power as you learn to create abundant love, health, prosperity…a dream come true life.”
Marcia Wieder, CEO/Founder, Dream University


Linda Lee's The Power and Light That is You is "a magnificent owner's manual for re-awakening
abundance, healing, & wholeness in your life. Her guidance is insightful, practical, & universal."
davidji, author of Secrets of Meditation



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