What is Hypnotherapy?
Hypno = a deep relaxed state; the healing state.  Therapy = the work that is being done while in the healing state.

How does hypnotherapy work?
Hypnosis is a normal, natural state of mind that we all drift into and out of each and every day without being aware of it, in particular when we are going to sleep, twilight state, and when we are awakening in the morning. Hypnotherapy is a straight path to the subconcious mind, where all your habit patterns and limitations are. By removing your subconscious obstacles you will gain greater control in your life and increase your ability to experience happiness.

What is the difference between most hypnosis programs to this unique program?
Other hypnosis programs may attempt to reprogram you or merely keep your issues in check. This remarkable program completely  removes all blocks or obstacles from the issue at hand utilizing your own healing wisdom.  Once a subconscious block or obstacle is removed it no longer has the power to hold you back, which makes these techniques so effective and long-lasting with no side effects!  While going through the program you will have a greater understanding of how to care for yourself in a life changing way, becoming aware of a more conscious way to live your life.  All that is required is to be open and receptive to the process.  This is the Ultimate in Healing Program.

Will I Be In Control While In the Healing State?
This is a question that is asked every day. Yes! The method of hypnotherapy that Linda practices was created and developed by James DiGirolamo more than 35 years ago allowing you to be in complete control.  This method begins where other hypnotherapy programs leave off.  This work is result and goal oriented. The growth of the individual is at the heart of the therapy. Gentle, effective and powerful, it has helped many, even those who felt helpless, hopeless and out of control.

Can you help me?
Yes! If you are open, receptive and willing to do your part, the proven techniques Linda uses removes blocks and obstacles in the subconscious mind that are keeping you from accomplishing your goal. The methods Linda has trained for have been researched, created and developed to be gentle, effective and powerful. These proven techniques can help you release and resolve negative habits, emotional traumas, fears, anxieties and more, so that you may lead a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

With the skillful guidance of this qualified hypnotherapist you can bring about the changes you desire. There are no suggestions to wear off or emotionally uncomfortable reliving of past events. Linda works with you to break habit cycles and end mental, physical, and emotional blocks. You can release and resolve ideas, concepts, emotional traumas, fears, phobias and anxieties that you don't want and don't need to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

Are Phone Consultations as Effective?
Yes!  Usually it is beneficial to have a least one or two sessions with a client in person, but if this is not possible sessions are just as effective from the comfort of your home.

How many sessions would I need?
During your Free Consultation, once we have determined what your needs are, a custom program is designed for you. On average, most programs last for five to ten sessions; however the number of sessions can vary depending on what you want to accomplish and how long you’ve had the problem. Depending on how serious you are about making a change, in most cases, it’s possible to resolve an issue you may have had for years, in a matter of a handful of sessions.

What will it cost?
During your free consultation we discuss your goal and what it will take to create the outcome you seek. This will be part of the information you will be made aware of in the consultation.  Because all programs are customized it does depend on what the need is.  CALL NOW TO GET ON YOUR WAY TO A MORE FULFILLING LIFE!