Do you live with fear?

Did you know there are four primal fears?  The first is something or someone being too close ~ feeling of being absorbed by the situation or person.  Second, is that something or someone is too distant ~ a feeling of separation.  Third, fear of change ~ fear of the unknown and fourth is permanence ~ ‘this will never change’!  There are a few ways we can handle these fears.  The first is to submit, give one’s personal power away.  Second is to react or respond with control.  Third is flight, ‘I’m outta here!’, and fourth is to respond with love, withdrawing our projections on others or situations and unconditionally loving.  Symptoms of fear are anxiety, addiction, anger/rage, insomnia, troubled relationships, weight issues and more.  We can help you find balance in your life from a healthy place. 

By following simple instructions, being open and receptive to the process, we remove obstacles so you can go forward with a more fulfilling, healthier and carefree life.  With our highly effective techniques, you can anchor yourself in a reality of empowerment, free of fear.  You will experience the ultimate healing system, experience healthier relationships with yourself and others, gain more energy, experience balance in your life, sleep better, reduce stress and more!!  You will be amazed at the results! Call Linda Lee now for your FREE CONSULTATION!