ME CROPPED 2014 - CopyAt an early age Linda began her journey on the path of preventative health.  After the loss of a loved one the question of how early, unnecessary illness and death could be prevented.  This led her down the road of alternative health as it did not seem allopathic medicine answered the question of preventative health or education for the dis-eased.  Her studies are well rounded, nutrition was the foundation and first of many studies, movement/exercise, several healing arts modalities for balancing the mind, body, spirit, and also to balance the environment we live in as an integral part of healing.  Her current work integrates all of her prior work nicely into an efficient and gentle way for healing to take place and to bring health and balance into your life.

In 2010 Linda completed her graduate work with California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences founded by James  DiGirolamo.  This is a new generation of therapy that is anchored in more than 35 years of groundbreaking holistic and alternative health techniques, a hybrid in the field of alternative health.  She is Certified in Behavioral Therapy, Life Coaching, Holistic Health and is Specializing in Clinical Hypnotherapy.  Results are quick, efficient and comfortably achieved with lasting results.  This is the Ultimate Healing System! 

Linda has worked and studied in the alternative health field since 1979.  She received her Bachelor’s in Nutrition from the American College of Nutripaty and Certified as a Dietary Consultant through IET (now Bauman College).  She has studied various natural therapy modalities extensively and has Specialized in Kinesiology through Gateway’s College, and studied with experts such as Wayne Topping and Cameron Dawson.  Linda studied with Joseph Carter through the Acupressure Institute of Berkeley as well as studied with Phillip D. Vande-Riet for her Reike Master Certification and Ministership. Also, she has studied with James and Helen Jay of China Studies and Certified as a Feng Shui Consultant and Yoga Teacher Certification from Aura Hatha Yoga School.  She is also a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Dream Coach and Certified Trainer and Speaker/Author of her book released June 2014 the  Power and Light that is You ~ A Guide to Enlightened Self Expression, now with international acclaim.

After more than 35 years, Linda is a Holistic Health Expert Specializing in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Ever wonder why music and song are about love?
Because love and sound is what heals
This work is from love ~ and simply works!!